Steering Group - this page is changing frequently - please keep watching......

The town meeting of 26 November agreed unanimously that there should be a small steering group to represent the town to various councils and councilors, decide on improvement projects and work with the many volunteers.  See "Press & docs" tab for minutes of that meeting and the presentation given.

See "Press & docs" tab for current list of posts and vacancies .   There are three vacancies remaining (as at 14 February 2020). 

The steering group has held two meetings, primarily to discuss parking, traffic, empty shops and to debate a vision & mission for Ashbourne.  The parking and traffic papers are almost ready. 

The marketing group has held two meetings to discuss branding for Ashbourne and revitalising the Visit Ashbourne website. 

We have had some success in getting "pop-ups" into several of the empty shops.

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